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3 Proven Ways to Remove Calluses

There are a lot of methods out there to help remove your calluses. However, not all of them are successful in getting rid of them completely. It can be hard to find a method that isn’t too time consuming, and works every time you use it. Here are three proven ways to remove a callus, so you can get your hands and feet looking and feeling smooth.

Pumice stones and foot files

When you use a pumice stone or electronic foot file, you’ll want to be sure that you soak your feet in warm water for at least ten minutes in order to soften the callus. This will help the pumice stone or foot file be more productive in removing the tough skin that has developed.

Once you’ve soaked the area, then you will be ready to gently scrub with the pumice stone or file. You won’t want to push down very hard, because this may cause the area to become painful and irritated. You just want enough pressure to get rid of the hard, dead skin a little at a time. If you decide to use an electronic foot file, most will have a safety feature that doesn’t allow you to apply too much pressure.

After you’ve filed the foot or trouble spot appropriately, then you should dry it completely. Apply lotion and cover it with a sock, glove, or piece of cloth that fits it. You’ll have to repeat this a few times a week, and it is best to perform this at least once a week even after the callus has been removed.

Medicated pads and drops

Many of the medicated pads and drops will be a quicker method than soaking, scrubbing, and applying lotion. You’ll cut the medicated pad to fit over the callus, and allow it to sit for multiple hours. When you take off the pad, it is easy to remove the layer of coarse skin. This will reveal the soft and fresh skin underneath. This skin will be sensitive at first, so be sure you care for it properly.

Use aspirin and other natural methods

There are many natural methods that have been proven to work for people. One of those is to crush about 6 aspirin and mix the powder in a solution of water and lemon juice until you form a paste. Rub it on the trouble spot. Once you are done coating the area with the paste, you’ll want to wrap it in plastic wrap or put it in a plastic bag. Then place a damp, hot washcloth or towel around the plastic and let the aspirin solution set for about twenty minutes.

After the twenty minutes have passed, you can rinse the solution off, scrub with a pumice stone, and apply some moisturizer. Use this method once a week until the callus is completely gone.

Preventative measures

Be sure that after you have removed the callus, you are using preventative measures in order to keep them from coming back. You’ll want to routinely perform maintenance with lotions and sand solutions, and make sure that the area that has suffered from constant friction is being cared for. Make sure you’re wearing the right size shoes and gloves when necessary.

It can be frustrating when you have unattractive calluses on your feet, hands, elbows, or other areas. They can prevent you from wearing sandals, spending time outside, or wearing the clothes that you want. Don’t let something like a callus keep you from enjoying yourself because you too busy trying to hide it from others. Test out the different methods of removing calluses, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

How to Choose the Best Callus Removal Products


When you are trying to remove a callus, it can seem that nothing is doing the trick. There are a lot of methods and products out there that make the promise that they can remove the callus, however, not all of them are going to be effective for your specific needs. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best callus removal products for you, and how to keep them from coming back once you have gotten rid of them.

Read the ingredients

Whether you are choosing to use a medicated solution for your callus, or you prefer a natural remedy, you’ll want to know what ingredients are being used in the product. Make sure that you don’t suffer any allergic reactions to the products you are testing, and if you aren’t sure, then the best thing you can do is talk to your doctor to find out how your skin will react.

If you are pregnant, or have diabetes, it will be especially important to read all of the warning labels associated with medical pads and drops. Also, if you are on certain medications already, a natural method may be the better choice for you. But, as said before, talk to your doctor and they will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Do your research

There are a lot of products out there that promise to give you smooth and callus free skin, but you’llwant to read about them and their reviews first. Take each review with a grain of salt and remember that every person is unique in what works for them, and what they like to use. There are electronic foot files, or you can use a pumice stone and put in the scrubbing work yourself. Truly, it is a personal preference. But the more information you have, the more methods you’ll be able to test before finding the right products for you.

Test the products

Once you have done research, the next step is to choose the one that you think would fit into your lifestyle the best. Some methods will be a little more time consuming than others. However, they may also offer you lasting results. A quick fix might seem like the best, but you may also find that you have to perform it more frequently because it only works a little of the callus off at a time.

Also, when you test the products, you’ll find the ones that feel the best for your skin. You may find that an electronic foot file is only able to reach certain spots, where a pumice stone you can maneuver in tougher and smaller spots. You may also find that combining multiple remedies gives you the best results.

Perform maintenance

As you work to prevent and care for calluses, you’ll want to do routine maintenance about once a week in order to keep your hands, feet, and other trouble spots smooth and fresh looking. Because a callus is formed due to continuous friction on the area, it will often come back. The friction may be caused because your job requires daily motions that result in calluses. Chefs often find they develop calluses on their hands because of the constant cutting motions they make.

If you have a job that requires a lot of walking and moving, even the right shoes may not be able to help you prevent calluses from forming. That is why a weekly routine is crucial. In fact, you may want to apply lotion nightly and cover the area in gloves or socks for best results. This way, your skin will be ready for everyday activities, and look great in the process.

Work to prevent the callus

Start to pay attention to the areas that are most prone to developing calluses, and see what is causing the friction. You may be able to prevent, or lessen the degree of them by changing shoe styles, wearing gloves, or adjusting the way you perform certain activities. Remember, you will still want to perform the regular maintenance even if you don’t see a callus forming, but preventing them is a great way to makeyour feet and hands more comfortable on a daily basis.